Saturday, June 28, 2008

Metal Thrashing Madness

So, this week I've finally taken the inagural steps in recording some music. And this time, I don't mean sitting a tape recorder in the room as I jam my ass off at 11. I mean actually recording studio quality music. So far, I have one (very) rough track recorded which needs a bit of mixing and some new drums added in. Oh...and I need a vocalist. Considering how long it typically takes me to get things started, this is actually looking somewhat optimistic. I suppose I'll update this space once I get things in a more solid working order. Expect some serious old school metal to be gracing your eardrums soon.

UPDATE! To hear the infantile stages of my project, go to

Caution....its nowhere near a final version of the song but rather something hastily put together in a couple of hours while trying to figure out how to use an 8-track. Better music will be up by the end of the week.


Merry said...

Sounds good. This world needs more old school metal.

Good luck.

Fester N. Corpse said...

Whoa...somebody heard it! Thanks, it shall get much better, I promise.