Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricanes in Ohio? You gotta be fucking KIDDING me!

So Sunday was different. After finishing up at my parents house Sunday morning (I go there after I get off of work to...basically dick around online) I headed home on what seemed to be your average afternoon. It was cloudy, but rain wasn't expected until later in the evening. I got ready for bed, making sure to take an extra shot of Nyquil since I STILL have fucking bronchitis, and threw in a cd some kid gave me at work. As I felt my self drifting off to the soothing sounds of brutal death metal, the power suddenly went out. Damn, I thought, this cd must be cursed. Then I heard a sound outside of my window akin to someone throwing a bag of nails against the house. Seconds later the power was back on so I re-set my clock and began to drift off again. That is when I heard the winds. They were noticeably more fierce than what I am used to, but the Nyquil was kicking in and there was no turning back. Upon waking from what may have been the best sleep I've had in six months, my roommate asked me if I was home when the storm began. I told him I was but just caught the beginning of it as I went to sleep. "Did we get a lot of rain?" I asked completely oblivious to what went on that afternoon. He just laughed and said no. Then he told me to look outside. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. My nice little suburban neighborhood had been reduced to a mess of uprooted trees, damaged homes, and darkness. My house, as well as a couple of houses next to mine, were the only ones with power. All street lights were out except the one directly adjacent to our yard. Since I was still awakening from my drug induced slumber, my only thought was "shit...stormed like a motherfucker."

On my way to work, the full extent of the days insanity began to ring clear. Town was GONE! Basically the entirety of the city was left in darkness. Including my work. My boss flagged me down with a flashlight and basically told me to hold down the fort until the power came back on. It wasn't long before all the businesses around me had power. Before that, the only light I saw were the flashing red and blues of police cruisers and the headlights of other motorists. Nothing around me was visibly damaged, but trees were basically torn apart and limps, branches, and sometimes entire trees were scattered about throughout town. A few hours after my arrival at work, the lights finally came back on. Soon after that my registers were up and running so customers swarmed the store. To say it was my busiest night at work ever is an understatement. People were coming from an hour and a half away just to get ice, as we were the first town off of the highway that had electricity. It was the customers who told me exactly what went down, since I managed to sleep through the entire thing. Hurricane Ike had ravaged most of Ohio. The majority of people from Columbus to Cincinnati had no power at all.

Typically, when a hurricane makes its way inland, it loses most of its power and becomes a storm cell much like your typical spring thunderstorm. Sometimes it is accompanied by heavy rains, and even tornado like weather. What it hardly ever does is STAYS a fucking hurricane. Well, in many areas, category 1 winds swept across the lands and just fucked shit up. Nobody was prepared, including the news stations as some of them lost power. Many people, as of this writing still do not have power. The electric companies are telling them they may not have any for the rest of the week. Therefor, I am getting my ass handed to me in a plastic bag at work. Most of what I am selling is coffee. I have never worked so hard these past two days as I have just trying to keep the coffee pots full. If this isn't a sign of the oncoming zombie apocalypse...what is??? Fucking HURRICANES! IN OHIO!! Thankfully, the death toll was very low. The only ones who died were crushed by falling trees...which is something I can only imagine witnessing in person. It just goes to show, you can never be fully prepared for everything this world can throw at you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The People of this Country.....

Last week, John McCain announced Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his choice for a running mate in the upcoming election. The decision was a clear ploy to take votes away from Barrack Obama, who has been faltering a bit with women voters. Many voters in this country had hopes for Hillary Clinton, much of them women, so when McCain announced a woman as his choice for VP it seemed to me as an insult to the intelligence of the women of this country. Evidently, if the AP is to be believed, I was wrong. Many women are indeed planning on voting for McCain because he chose Palin. It has come to light that Ms. Palin has some skeletons in her closet, though I must admit that calling her out on these issues should not be the focus. No, what SHOULD be the issue here is noting certain facts about the actual choice McCain made. He wanted Leibermann or Romney, but the delegates wouldn't let him pick either, so he chose someone who has been in politics for less than two years. A Fox News analyst, always a beacon for intelligence, noted that she has more experience in foreign policy than Obama since she lives in Alaska which is "right up there next to Russia". As a fairly lax democrat myself, who does agree with the republican party on a few issues, watching these events unfold is akin to watching a train wreck from afar. When I read that women voters are now flocking to McCain, I began to ponder whether or not the women of this country are even using their brains anymore. I know, that sounds like a sexist statement. Well, there is almost no other way to put it. I refuse to believe this news. John McCain is 77 years old. He could drop dead at any time and we would be left with Ms. Palin as our president. Do you really want a woman with less than two years in politics as a possible president of this country? A woman who, on a national news station, stated that she is still waiting for "someone to tell her what it is a Vice President does"? This is a very important election for this country. We are coming off the heals of what has been the biggest disaster in presidential history, and people are going to vote for a man who agrees with said disastrous president on almost every issue simply because he chose a female running mate. Honestly, if this cheap and insulting political ploy actually fools the voters of this country, I am moving the fuck out. I am living on what most would consider the poverty level here in America. Never in my life have I struggled to survive more than I have these last eight years. Change? You bet your fucking ass I want change.