Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Corpse Rises!!!

So here it is, my first blog for the Corpse Depository. This is sort of my escape from Myspace and all of the truly unusual drama that manages to get stirred up over there. I've browsed a few folks blogs on this site, and there is one constant that I don't immediately plan to follow. I'm not going to update the shit out of this spot. Once, twice a week at best. My reasons for this are quite simple. I don't have a whole hell of a lot to say. However, on those occasions that my life takes an abrupt turn (for better or worse) you will find me chatting up this space like a teenage girl with ADD who just discovered her dads coke stash. For now, I'll just introduce myself. My name is Fester N. Corpse. I smell horrible, enjoy feasting on human flesh, organs, brains, etc, and I'm not a real fast mover. Some people knew me when I was alive as Dave. Back then, I still smelled pretty horrible, but preffered eating food I didn't have to catch and kill with my teeth. Every once in awhile I revert back to my old ways and forget that I am now a bloated, decaying, truly heinous wretch. Okay...so I'm NOT REALLY a zombie...but a boy can dream can't he? Anywho, enjoy my blog, comment often, if you are female and even remotely attractive....leave nudes. Until next time......SEND MORE PARAMEDICS!


Zom said...

Don't forget the fuckin' password to this blog!!
Heather looks very amused at you in this pic.

Fester N. Corpse said...

It could be amusement...or extreme lust. She looks the same for both.