Monday, July 14, 2008


So last night was what is quickly becoming a normal night at work. Pure shit. What made this night special, however, was discovering one of our most important freezers had taken a crap and every item of food inside was ruined. This should not have been the case. One would assume that at some point in time someone from an earlier shift would have discovered it not working. All of the food inside could have been transferred to another freezer without having to be pitched. Instead, the other two shifts did not do jack shit for work, did not go into the back to get anything out of the freezer, and now we have a staggering $3000 in food, or roughly a month supply of hot dogs, burritos, cakes, tornados, and frozen snacks rotting in our dumpster. Considering that most of these items sell for three times what the store pays for them, that leaves $6000 worth of profit gone. But this is not what bothers me. No sir, I am not the owner of the store so the loss is the least of my concern. What bothered the hell out of me was throwing every bit of this food in the dumpster just before the end of my shift. I'm not complaining about being a poor bastard. It is something I've grown quite used to. But for a person who goes to bed hungry most days of the week, having to dispose of all this food was down right painful. $3000 worth of food could feed me for two years! It is times like this I miss working in a factory.

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